E-Commerce Tech Suite

Automate your process and save time

This tech suite will automate everything about online selling. Where to route, how to ship, how much to replenish inventory and every such little thing is taken care by our E-commerce Tech Suite. Human intervention will only be needed to handle exceptional cases using manual override feature with this Online Selling Management Software at your desk.

Multi channel enabling system

We provide a platform for effortless management of your products across multi-channels. We help you to go live on some of the world’s top marketplaces like Lazada, Souq, Ebay, Cdiscount, Amazon, etc through our in-built integrations.

Also, allow sellers to integrate their own channels. We aim at unifying different SAAS channels through one smart platform to offer a seamless experience to merchants.

Pricing Tool

This unique Pricing Tool helps you plan your prices and sales. The Pricing tool shows merchants competitive prices for their products for all markets and, once merchants enter a Selling Price, the system will guarantee them a Transfer Price.

Business Intelligence System

We keep account of merchants' day-to-day performance on the marketplaces. We provide detailed reports and analysis on sales, customer demographics and opportunity size to help merchants plan their sales better. We also provide detailed product content, pricing and performance reports to plan product life cycle.

Fulfillment Automation Tool

WEasily manage the complex and dynamic supply chain network with Scale Labs to ensure the product makes it securely to your customers.

Securely store your goods in one or more of our 11 state of the art fulfillment centers totaling 36,000 square meters across Southeast Asia.

Scale Labs is experienced in navigating the complex infrastructure of each Southeast Asian country. No matter the business size, we have the know-how to take ecommerce operations from market entry to full scale.