E-commerce Fulfilment Solution

Automate your process and save time

Track your company’s inventory and manage SKUs directly using data from your brand’s physical store. Maximize the reach of your stock, save on shipping costs, and your retail associates’ time by implementing Scale Labs in-store fulfillment capabilities.

Turn your store into a fulfillment center for online orders to take advantage of your offline presence and use stock to simultaneously sell online and offline.

Global Fulfillment Network

You take every precaution to ensure that your customers’ experiences are positive through the point of sale. But what about delivery? Consumers have increasingly high expectations when it comes to shipping, and it’s important to have a fulfillment experience that won’t tarnish your brand.

No matter how you choose to fulfill orders, we’ll ensure it’s fast for customers and cost effective for you. Our integrations and partners allow you to purchase shipping labels directly through our platform, or automatically transmit orders to third-party freight providers, drop shippers or other shipping software solutions.

Crowd sourced fulfillment

Enhanced Fulfillment Network
The Enhanced Fulfillment Network supports integration with Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime, FedEx, UPS, USPS and Stamps.com for USPS.

You can get rate quotes, purchase and print shipping labels and scan barcodes for quick order access directly from the Scale Labs platform. It’s the best way to streamline fulfillment processes and get products to buyers quickly without incurring outrageous support costs.

Existing Fulfillment Network
The Existing Fulfillment Network provides access to a smart network of distribution centers. We’ll manage your quantities and automate the process of determining where orders are filled.