Demand Generation

Automate your process and save time

Our team of experts helps merchants to build a robust online marketing plan to increase visibility, discovery and sales.

Strategic consulting

Make understocking and overstocking problems of the past! Demand Forecaster provides you with the insight to make the stock predictions necessary to meet the inventory needs of upcoming sales, and empowers you to accurately align product volume to current trends across multiple marketplaces and sales channels. No more fees wasted on surplus inventory or sales missed due to dwindling supplies.

Performance Marketing

Optimize your online campaigns in real-time to achieve your desired business results. Be one step ahead of your competitors with access to the newest digital marketing technology and maximize your online activity with personalized ads. Performance marketing focuses on three clear activities: acquisition, activation and retention.

Marketing Analytics

We believe in data. It is a big part of our decision-making process and it should be a part of yours too. Analytics provide insight and through data collected from your digital marketing channels, ecommerce platform, and back-end systems, we implement the best strategy to improve your online performance.

Which of your categories are performing best? Where should your business focus be? How are your competitors’ online activities doing? Our experienced in-house internet marketing experts will provide you with trend updates across different industries, channels and countries. Analytics mean smarter budget allocation and understanding of your current and future customers. Scale Labs focuses on bottom line metrics, not vanity metrics.